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  • Maum
    And I was but she sucks mega dick and we hate her but even my friends were like that's not cool. I was like it's just pee you morons. Like if I had spilled some drink on her, people wouldn't have reacted like that but since it's pee everybody freaks the fuck out. Pee isn't a big deal. My brothers and I pee on each other all the time as a joke.
  • Fauzahn
    Jun 04,  · The soul of the nation is with Joe Biden in November -- Trump is gonzo! You are out of touch. The "soul" of the nation is with President Trump and law and order. The truth is more than half the country wouldn't piss on Trump if he was on fire,,,Soul of the KKK nation is with trump The.
  • Zulkishicage
    Jul 02,  · So, yeah, when you set out to open a belated dialogue between the union and Black Lives Matter — a pressure group, if you will — and all of that history is hard-baked into your DNA, and the.
  • Kera
    PISS ON NATION [email protected] FUCK YOU ALL!!! - Demo , released 25 September 1. Skate or die. 2. A reason. 3. About me. 4. Forced Check-Out. 5. Life.
  • Zuluzilkree
    Sep 22,  · Agree on that point. And if the father isn’t present (especially if she doesn’t know the father at all) then you will have problems with her. This fact is not discussed enough in every day society (or the media) enough. Women who do not have relationships with fathers (or don’t even know them) are all problem children.
  • Nami
    Scrooge. And fuck you again. Happy new year. EDIT: not an edit, but wanted thank you all for your advice and feedback. My cursing is definitely over the top and it feels aggressive. I did gain a lot of good ideas to help further little dudes training and for that I thank you all. Please have fun, nobody is saying anything about not having fun.
  • Zulushakar
    Inagotable suministro - - CR#01 by CAPAJE Peimmmm!!! by KLS Neptuno - - CR#03 by CIGÜEÑA FUCK YOU ALL!!! Demo - CR#04 by PISS ON NATION Demo 97 - CR#05 by MILKHOUSE Demo by Capaje Hiroshi Sucks - Complete discography - CR#07 by HIROSHI Guateque Whammy Boom Boom by KLS DEMO () by Jon Manteca's Army Culpable Records.
  • Mikak
    Jun 14,  · Do not get all pissy w/ us until you've discussed the concepts of "fair use, " "slander," "libel," "assault," "mouth-raping" & "menacing w/ intent" w/ an attorney. All copyrighted material appropriated for "fair use" purposes on this "web log" remains the property of .
  • Tozuru
    Fuck You All Lyrics: There is the motherfucker, look at him / He got a big car and money / He is sure that he can be anything / He want everyone and everything / There is the jerk-off, look at him.

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