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We Are Aware Of The Misery - Popol Vuh - Best Of Popol Vuh From The Films Of Werner Herzog (Cassette)

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  • Akijar
    Popol Vuh, Maya document, an invaluable source of knowledge of ancient Mayan mythology and culture. Written in K’iche’ (a Mayan language) by a Mayan author or authors between and , it uses the Latin alphabet with Spanish orthography. It chronicles the creation of humankind, the actions of.
  • Vudorisar
    BEST OF POPOL VUH: From The Films of Werner Herzog. CD: Milan - - US We Are Aware Of The Misery - Lacrime Di Re - * Liner notes from Milan - Cassette: * Note: This compilation (10 tracks) is not to be mistaken by another compilation (14 tracks) by the same label (Milan), carrying the same title.
  • Arashizil
    Popol Vuh’s 90s period was stymied by the unheralded popularity of new age music and the inclusion of new collaborator Guido Hieronymus. ’s For You And Me was a nauseatingly glossy affair.
  • Dikazahn
    Its a shame that we cannot get many of their albums here in America of this really good german group. (Do not print this second part if you don't like it:) I also want to say that you put the wrong cover on this. Its incredible that you put a cover of Elton John (captain Fantantic) on this (Popol Vuh: Best of-From films of Werner H.)/5(5).
  • Zulule
    The K’iche’ creation myth of The Popol Vuh is thousands of years old, one of the only epics indigenous to the Americas. By turns poetic and lucid, sinuous and accessible, this verse translation—the first of its kind, and the first in the Seedbank series—breathes new life into an essential tale.
  • Dikazahn
    The Popol vuh is a story of creation, which depicts the Maya imagination of how they believe this world, came about. There for we are able to extend our knowledge about that culture by interpreting their beliefs and ideas, that lead to “their creation”.
  • Zule
    complete the translation of the Popol Vuh at a time when I was content to throw up my hands after I had worked through the mythic sections. It was her love for the Maya people and passion for their language that reminded me why we take on overwhelming tasks such as this, and why it’s worth the price in life and heart that we put into them.
  • Zulujind
    The third part of the Popol Vuh continues the story of creation: Once more the gods commune together and the Creator and Former made four perfect men[14] – wholly of yellow and white maize was their flesh composed.[15] The name of the first was Balam-Quitze; of the second, Balam-Agab; of the third, Mahucutah; of the fourth, Iqi-Balam.[16].
  • Kazizragore
    The Popol Vuh is an antique writing that consolidates the elements of science, art, philosophy, and transcendental mysticism, which makes it both a practical knowledge applicable to our present time, and as such, its teachings are of use to be of use at.

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