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  • Nelabar
    "You can go from high resolution to low, but you can't go from low resolution to high." But if the sound were the only thing about vinyl that produced rose-tinted longing, there would be no market.
  • Akikinos
    We can also work with you to develop unique packaging ideas for your projects. Here are some examples for printed jackets with corresponding sizes: 12″ Standard jacket, holds one 12″ vinyl record. ″ x ″ with ″ spine. 12″ Gate-fold jacket, holds up to two 12″ vinyl records. One pocket can be glued shut. Flat: 13″ x.
  • Meztisar
    But then, digital music took over and the mixtape died. Vinyl is now the way to own music - it sounds great, looks awesome, and creates a vintage-cool vibe every time it spins. But there is no CD burner for vinyl, no tapedeck for records. The mixtape is dead. Until now. How It Works You've got the tunes, we've got the vinyl.
  • Jusida
    Jul 02,  · Anyway you can do what i did. I bought DJ lp carrying cases (metal ones with locks) and used those for my important lps. You can get various sizes but 3 x 50lps should do it for you. Those will keep them safe during transit even if you get them sent via courier delivery to your new place.
  • Tejora
    If you want to press records today, then we’re happy to recommend Qrates, a great one-stop-shop to get your vinyl record project started today. If you want to know more about mixing then you should try “ The Official Guide To Mixing “, our step by step 24 part video course on .
  • Branos
    Available colour: Black, Grey, White and Transparent.. Standard Packing: meter per roll or meter per roll. Description: Mix Vinyl is a supplier for all your ready–made and custom–made Gasket Weatherstrips. Made from PVC plastic and Sarlink TPV material, our Gasket Weatherstrips are strong, flexible and rubber adhesives that can withstand vibration, temperature variations caused by.
  • Daikora
    Crave Vol. 4 is the newest release in the successful Crave series, 3 CDs featuring the hottest dance, hip hop and R&B, mixed by DJ Havana Brown, Australia's no. 1 female DJ.
  • Shaktizilkree
    Jul 23,  · The cracks and pops, once so endearing, can easily become audibly unbearable. Furthermore, oil from your hands can eat at the surface of vinyl, bringing the value of a record down. Luckily, a solution is easily had. Follow these guidelines on how to clean vinyl records and you won’t have to fret about dust or fingerprints again.
  • Togor
    Depending on where you’re getting your records pressed you can choose between various solid colors, transparent colors, swirls, the marble look or picture discs. It’s a commonly held belief that there’s a drop in sound quality when you stray away from black vinyl; lighter colors and clears especially followed by an additional drop off.

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