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  • Mikaran
    Jul 30,  · [Intro] C Em Am G F [Verse 1] C I know this road is gettin' hard Em I heard you say it's overwhelming Am I said I'd never be too far G F And I meant that from the heart [Verse 2] C I see the mountain gettin' higher Em I see it stackin' up against you Am I always said you were a fighter G F But you've got your doubts tonight [Pre-Chorus] But I'm here to remind you C Em It don't matter where you /5(6).
  • Vukasa
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  • Arajin
    C All those days G C Watching from the windows C All those years G C Outside looking in F All that time C G Never even knowing C Am G Just how blind I've been C Now I'm here G C Blinking in the starlight C Now I'm here G C Suddenly I see F Standing here Em It's oh, so clear Dm G I'm where I'm meant to be F C And at last, I see the light G C And it's like the fog has lifted F C And at last, I.
  • Makasa
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  • Goltijind
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  • Kecage
    Oct 19,  · We gon’ see the light Some things will never be the same Some things are only for a season And just the thought of letting go Well, it’s brought you to your kneesAuthor: music meets heaven.
  • Tauzil
    Nov 16,  · About “I See the Light” “I See the Light” is a romantic duet in Tangled between Rapunzel and Eugene. It is sung when Rapunzel is finally achieving her lifelong dream to see .
  • Sara
    "See The Light" is a great follow-up to their self-titled debut album. While the sound of this sophmore album is very similar to the first one, the lyrics are much more heartfelt. The majority of the songs this time around were co-written by one or more of the guys. The best song on the album, at least in my opinion, is the final track/5(13).
  • Vilabar
    In the film, "I See The Light" is sung when Rapunzel is finally achieved her dream to see the floating lanterns. The scene features 45' of them. Composer Alan Menken said he was the most proud of this song among all the other tracks on the cartoon's soundtrack.

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